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The Campbell Group Hunting Lease policies, effective January 1, 1999, will take precedence over Rules and Regulations of Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. In addition, the following Rules and Regulations shall apply to members and guests of the club. II.


Each member is limited to two (2) permanent (reserved) stands.

To reserve a stand, or area, a member must satisfy the below requirements by May 1st:

1. Place a marker at the nearest club road with name, date, stand number (#1 or #2) and distance to your stand. Failure to properly mark and have your marker in place by this date, will forfeit the protection for that stand area if a stand is erected nearby.

2. Properly pin on the map at the (#1 Box) your exact stand location. Stands not pinned on the map at the (#1 Box) will not have the protection for that hunting area if a stand is erected nearby. All stands that are pinned on the map at the (#1 Box) will have a minimum of 300 yards in which another stand may not be erected.

3. Contact the two (2) nearest members to you to make sure you are not in violation of the 300 yard rule.

4. Attach his, or her, nameplate to the stand or within 25 yards of the structure in a place easily visible from the ground. If a hunter does not construct a permanent stand in his/her designated area, a post shall be set to mark the area. This post shall have a minimum height of 5 feet with the top 6 inches painted fluorescent orange. Permanent stand tag will be placed on this post.

5. Contact the Pasture Rider. 6. Submit you permanent stands’ GPS coordinates by April 1st .

Stands are to be 300 yards apart, or more if required for safety. Any questions or complaints should be directed to the Stand Committee. Relocation of your stand must be between the end of deer season and May 1st. No relocation will be allowed after May 1st.

A permanent or reserved stand will be in the spot where a Member’s stand is located as outlined above. (This can be a box, ladder, climber, stump, etc.) During the gun season for deer, a Member may hunt away from his stand if he does not get closer than 300 yards to another Member’s stand. If a Member uses a tree climber as a permanent stand, he is asked to mark the permanent stand by using the guidelines outlined above.

No secondary or satellite stand will take precedence over another members permanent stand locations. In other words, satellite stands will not be given a 300 yard protection status. The 300 yard protection is for members permanent stand locations only.

No stand may be placed (nor any hunting allowed) within 300 yards of the Club food plots.

Satellite stands located outside of a member’s 300 yard protection status of a primary stand location will not have any tags or markings at the stand or nearest roads and will be available for anyone to hunt on a first come, first serve basis.

There is a Buffer Zone established around the designated camping area. This Buffer Zone will be located on the east side up to the pipeline, but not including the pipeline, which makes the east boundary line of the camping area, and a 100 yard Buffer Zone south of the timber line of the current campground. No stand or feeder can be located within the Buffer Zone, nor will a Member be allowed to locate a stand or feeder outside of the Buffer Zone that would create a shooting situation into the camp area. Any stand or feeder that is now located in this Buffer Zone shall be moved to another location outside of the Buffer Zone.

There will also be a Buffer Zone of a 100 yard radius around the firing range or any part of the firing range for safety purposes, where no stands or feeders will be located.

Disputes that cannot be settled between Members should be referred to the Stand Committee. If they cannot be settled there, they will be referred to the Board of Directors for a final hearing.

III. Work Days

1. Members must participate in one workday out of the two scheduled or pay a fine of $50.00. No member will be allowed to hunt until ALL fines are paid. Fines shall be mailed to:

Renfro Hunting Club

P.O. Box 155551

Lufkin, Texas 75915


Club members and their families shall be entitled to the use of the Club and all its privileges, and to use of the streams and grounds for fishing and hunting and other sports, provided the same is exercised in conformity with these Rules and Regulations, as may be adopted by the Board of Directors from time to time.

A Members “family”, within the meaning of these Rules, shall include his spouse and his minor, unmarried children wholly dependent upon him or her for support. The same meaning of “family” shall apply in the event of a Member’s death whose Membership is retained by his spouse. In the event of a Member’s death, his Membership is available to the spouse of the deceased Member, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and Campbell Group. The decision of accepting the Membership must be made by the spouse, in writing, to the Board of Directors no later than the due date of the next dues installment. In the event of a remarriage by the spouse, the Membership in Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. is automatically terminated. No child under sixteen (16) years of age shall be allowed to hunt deer or hogs without his or her parent, or a Member, being on the stand with him or her. A minor (under 21 years of age) shall not be allowed in the Club unless accompanied by his or her parent or another Member.


Each member shall be limited to ten (10) hunting guests per year, provided that the game killed by the guest shall be charged to the limit hereinafter provided for each Member, and further provided that no guests (hunting or non-hunting) shall be permitted in the Club during archery only season and the first six (6) days of regular (gun/buck) season of each year. Guest will be allowed during the early, doe only, rifle season. The limit of (10) hunting guest passes per year applies to all deer seasons only. A member may bring guests outside of deer season that do not count towards the (10) per membership. Members are still limited to no more than two guests per day all year and all guests have to be signed in appropriately as listed below.

  1. Each guest card is numbered.
  2. Guest cards (for hunting guest) will be available in the #1 box. Member must register his name, Guest’s name and the date in the Guest Log Ledger (inside the #1 box). Be sure to enter the data by the corresponding number in the ledger.
  3. Guest cards (for hunting guest) must be signed out (i.e., picked up) on the date of use only.
  4. All guests must be signed in at the sign-in box where entering the club. The non-hunting guest cards have been done away with; however, non-hunting guests are to be signed in at the sign-in box and the Member should indicate that the guest is a non-hunting guest. This applies to both the hunting and non-hunting season. No Member can have no more than (2) guest per day in the Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. whether the guest is a hunting or a non-hunting guest. If you want to sign out at another gate, this should be designated at the time you sign in. When you leave the Club, the guest card (for hunting guest) should be left in the sign-in box. Failure to do so will forfeit your guest privileges for the remainder of the current season and the following year.
  5. Violation of any guest privileges will result in forfeiture of guest privileges for the remainder of the current year and the following year. A second violation will result in a forfeiture of your membership.
  6. Non-hunting guests on the Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. premises with a gun will be subject to eviction. Violations of this nature will place the Member’s Membership in Jeopardy, (Rifle range is excluded.)
  7. Any person who has been suspended or expelled from the Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. will not be allowed on the premises of Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. as a hunting guest or a nonhunting guest.

A member having a guest in the Club must remain in the Club constantly during his guest’s stay on the premises. Hunting guests must have a guest card with them during their entire stay in the Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. Special guest passes may be issued by the Board of Directors with bag limits of one doe deer, one hog and state limits on squirrels, and no guest privileges.


Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the premises of Renfro Hunting Club, Inc.


  1. A Member can enter Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. by access roads only (roads with gates and locks).
  2. A Member can enter Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. by foot from a properly marked vehicle parked on a public highway, provided you have signed in at the nearest box.
  3. No access roads will be established without Board approval.
  4. When you enter the Club, you must sign in. If you intend to leave at another box, please indicate as you sign in. Each time you enter or exit a gate, you must sign in and sign out.
  5. It is imperative the above guidelines be observed by everyone.


Buckshot is not permitted for deer.



Archery equipment used in the taking of game animals will be regulated as provided by state law.

STANDS: The present Club stand policy will apply to bow hunters. (No additional registered stands are allowed.)

The Club Rules and Regulations shall govern the bag limit and stands. There will be no hunting guest privileges for bow hunters during archery season.


  1. No campfire is to be left unattended.
  2. Each one using the campsite area must register with the Rider.
  3. If you want to select an area as a permanent location, you should keep it registered with the Rider
  4. The only exception to the above guidelines is the one (1) permanent structure previously approved by The Campbell Group.
  5. There is a $100 fee assessed by Campbell Group for each camper or structure. No member will be allowed to hunt until his or her campsite fees are paid. Payments for this shall be mailed to:

Renfro Hunting Club

P.O. Box 155551

Lufkin, Texas 75915

6. No deer stands, either permanent and/or climbing, will be allowed in the area designated as a campsite in the Rules and Regulations.


DEER: To be furnished annually.

SQUIRREL: State bag limits apply.

HOGS: There is no bag limit and no closed season for hogs.


No trapping allowed unless authorized by the Board of Directors.

XIII. No hunting will be allowed from a motor vehicle.

XIV. Dogs shall not be allowed on Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. premises except for:

a. The purposes of hunting quail or dove.

b. For duck hunting purposes beginning with the end of deer season until the end of duck season.

c. Squirrel Dogs

d. No unattended dogs will be allowed

XV. All matters concerning Renfro Hunting Club, Inc. and The Campbell Group must be brought before the Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors will contact The Campbell Group.


A. The first installment is due February 1st; second, March 1st; and third, April 1st .

B. To avoid a penalty of $50, each installment must be paid within ten (10) days of the due date.

C. If the first installment is not received by March 10th, you will forfeit your membership.

D. Full dues payment must be received no later than May 10th. If full payment is not received you will forfeit your membership.

E. August 1st of each year will be the deadline for the purpose of refunding dues previously paid by a Member because of death or serious illness of that particular Member.


A. The firing range will be open to members only from daylight 2 weeks prior to deer (rifle) season until opening day of deer season.

B. The firing range is open from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM during deer (rifle) season.


XVIII. Appeals Process for age of buck deer

If a member wishes to appeal the age of a buck deer, the following applies;

a. The President of the Club will be notified within one week of a member being notified of a deer that has been aged too young.

b. The member will secure a $200 deposit with the club treasurer that will be returned if the member wins the appeal. If the appeal is lost, the $200 deposit will not be returned and will be deposited in the clubs funds. The $200 deposit is in addition to the $250 fine assessed for a deer under age.

c. The President or another board member will accompany the member and carry the jawbone to the landowner with the front teeth still attached.

d. The landowner will determine if further analysis or reviews will be conducted. The member will be responsible for any costs associated with any analysis. These costs will not be reimbursed.

e. The landowner’s decision will be the final decision.

B. The hunting club will retain the jawbones of all deer aged too young for a period of one week after member is notified to assist in the appeals process if necessary.

XIX. Conduct

A. All members are expected to contribute to a productive, harmonious and cooperative environment at all times. Anyone found to be in violation of this section can have their membership status reviewed by the board.

Range Hours

Mon - Fri: 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

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